Proceed with certainty.

Let our team of FRG experts design & execute your study.

For more than a decade, our in-house research team has worked with customers to design application-specific studies that answer unique and highly specific scientific questions. The Yecuris team is here to help.


The Collaborative Difference


We take our role in your project seriously. What does the Collaborative Difference mean?

  • You will always have direct access to the scientists working on your project
  • We see ourselves as virtual members of your project team
    • We take the time to understand your scientific needs and goals
    • We communicate from study design through execution to guide you along the way
    • We contribute our model-specific expertise to ensure your study optimizes the utility of liver-humanized mice
    • We are adaptable and able to accommodate your study’s unique demands
    • We are vested in your success – our priority is to bring clarity so you can make critical decisions


Our creativity is at your disposal: It is our scientific challenge to deploy the FRG technology in the most useful way possible


Running your study with us gives you access to:

  • Deep expertise working with humanized animal models
  • Specialized facility to house & maintain immunodeficient animals
  • Skilled staff with the experience to manage your study from design to results
  • Custom hepatocyte transplantation.  Any donor, any species.  Find out more about our capabilities here.


 We offer a flexible engagement model designed to fit your needs. How can we help you?

Test-drive FRG

Every question has unique requirements. Verify that FRG KO animals can deliver the answers you seek. Let the Yecuris team run a pilot.

Execute a one-time study

Some scientists have a simple question and need a fast answer. Have us design & execute a one-time study for you.

Extend your resources

Organizations of any size can find themselves strapped for resources; people or facilities. Use our scientific team & lab to extend the capabilities of yours.


Custom Xenograft Services

Yecuris offers a variety of custom hepatocyte xenograft transplantation services, from technical training to full-service experiments. We maintain a large immunodeficient breeding colony of FRG KO mice on both C57Bl6 and NOD backgrounds, with dedicated clean space in our vivarium. Our vivarium is set up for survival surgeries and we have extensive experience working with sponsors to execute complex harvests and custom perfusions. Learn more about our custom xenograft services here.


Viral Hepatitis CRO Services

Yecuris has dedicated ABSL-2 vivarium space to support your HBV studies using our patented liver-humanized mice. No need to set up complex logistics that can waste valuable time – Yecuris is here to be your in-life HBV solution from study planning through data reporting. Leverage our experienced scientists to assist your next HBV project and feel confident that your human-relevant results will be highly translatable. Learn more about our in vivo HBV CRO services here.