Proceed with certainty.

Let our team of FRG experts design & execute your study.

For more than a decade, our in-house research team has worked with customers to design application-specific studies that answer unique and highly specific scientific questions. The Yecuris team is here to help.

Running your study with us gives you access to:

  • Deep expertise working with humanized animal models
  • Specialized facility to house & maintain immunodeficient animals
  • Skilled staff with the experience to manage your study from design to results
  • Custom hepatocyte transplantation.  Any donor, any species.  Find out more about our capabilities here.

We offer a flexible engagement model designed to fit your needs. How can we help you?

Test-drive FRG

Every question has unique requirements. Verify that FRG KO animals can deliver the answers you seek. Let the Yecuris team run a pilot.

Execute a one-time study

Some scientists have a simple question and need a fast answer. Have us design & execute a one-time study for you.

Extend your resources

Organizations of any size can find themselves strapped for resources; people or facilities. Use our scientific team & lab to extend the capabilities of yours.