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FRG® KO Models for Infectious Disease Applications

Primary cell humanized mouse models are the gold standard for testing of hepatotropic pathogens.  From malaria to viral hepatitis, the FRG® KO mouse model has a long history of enabling breakthrough research in the area of infectious disease.

FRG® KO Platform Uses in Pathogenic Applications



Yecuris Custom Services

Infectious Disease Studies

No facilities?  No problem.  Through our partner CRO’s, you can use the FRG® KO mouse model technology to complete infectious disease studies to your specifications.

Ex Vivo Editing → In Vivo Model Generation
Identifying donors with highly specific mutations can be highly challenging, particularly in the case of rare mutations.  An alternative approach to cell sourcing is to complete Ex Vivo editing of primary hepatocytes followed by subsequent transplantation of the edited cells into FRG® KO mice to create an In Vivo model of the disease.  This model can then be utilized in combination with a therapeutic gene editing technology to reverse the engineered mutation in primary cells.
Custom Hepatocyte Transplantation
Yecuris offers custom hepatocyte transplantation with any donor that you require, from any species.  Click here to learn more.