Primary Cell Liver Humanized Animal Models

The relevance of data from human tissue generated from an in vivo rodent model
Highly Humanized Liver and durable engraftment
Genetically stable and reversion-free
Shippable to your facility worldwide
Repopulated by any donor

FRG® KO Mouse Models:

FRG® KO on C57BI/6
Humanized Liver Models

These mice are available as repopulated models with human liver cells from multiple qualified donors.

We also offer mice repopulated with C57Bl/6 hepatocytes for use as controls, as well as custom transplants to suit your study needs.

Liver Modeling with Humanizable Immune Systems

The FRG® KO on NOD was developed to promote the engraftment of both human liver and immune systems. Available as a liver-only chimera or custom-ordered as a liver-immune dual chimera.

If the immune system could be an important part of your research plan, you may benefit from starting with this model.

Key Applications for FRG® KO Mice

Gene & Cell Therapy

Test Your Theory or Therapy on Humanized Mice

Infectious Disease

Humanized Mice Get You Human-Like Results


Humanized Mice on High-Fat Diets for NASH and NAFLD Research

FRG® KO Humanized Animal Models Background

Originally reported by Azuma et. al., for over a decade the FRG® KO on C576BI/6 has been a trusted model and essential tool for scientific research. Well suited for a range of scientific research across gene editing and gene therapy, infectious disease, drug metabolism, toxicology, cancer biology, NASH and liver disease. Moving forward we continue to break ground partnering with customers seeking next-gen cell and animal models for their studies.

Imagine what questions FRG® KO could answer for you. Contact us to design a study today.