Unparalleled insight to answer your human liver questions.

A complete system to support your science from in vitro development to in vivo validation


Humanized. Validated. Proven. That’s what you get from Yecuris FRG® KO technology.

We help clients:

  • Validate specificity of targeting in gene therapy
  • Understand disease pathways & processes in liver disease
  • Assess human hepatotropic agents in infectious disease
  • Define toxicity and metabolic attributes of compounds within the human liver
  • Answer previously unapproachable questions in liver biology
Yecuris FRG Platform

Humanized Animal Models

Rigorously Refined, Globally Accessible, Market Proven for Over a Decade.


Yecuris scientists have painstakingly refined liver engraftment into FRG KO animals, yielding highly robust and stable in vitro and in vivo products that put the power of next-gen hepatic research tools in the hands of scientists worldwide.

Whether you are creating the next cure for a liver disease, testing your small molecule for metabolism or toxicology, building innovative gene therapies, or targeting NASH, you need real data with real human relevance as early as possible.

Since 2007, scientists have trusted the Yecuris FRG KO platform for their research. Yecuris FRG KO technologies include our liver-humanized mouse models, HepaCurTM cell products and CuRxTM reagents. These discovery research tools provide scientists with relevant insights into liver-specific questions at the cellular, tissue, and whole animal levels.

In addition to their utility as models for hepatotropic infectious disease, liver humanized mice have unique qualities that make them suitable for use in screening the metabolic activities of new drugs, for testing genome editing therapy delivery systems, and for studies of human liver diseases.
Study Director at Seventh Wave Laboratories