Next-Generation Tools for NASH Research & Discovery

Move beyond chemically-induced steatosis & fibrosis

Humanized FRG KO Models of NASH & NAFLD

Humanized FRG® KO animal models offer a more effective tool for studying NASH disease progression. Traditional mouse models using chemical methods are limited and lack relevant human lipid profiles. In contrast, using a high fat diet alone to induce disease formation and progression is more representative of a natural, human disease response. The FRG® Platform offers scientists a powerful new humanized animal model for research and discovery. Today we see a number of cellular and molecular processes that are reflective of human NASH in our animal models. We continue to partner with clients to explore the next generation of NASH drug discovery, biomarker identification and more.   Yecuris FRG® animal technologies are highly customizable for studying your specific target and/or mechanism of action.

2020 Keystone Symposia NAFLD Poster: FRGN PNPLA3 NASH Models

The Real-World, High-Fat Diet Difference

Yecuris Custom Services

Diet-induced humanized mouse models of NAFLD/NASH

FRG-NASH Animals are available as murinized or humanized FRG KO mice, which can be repopulated with our in-house hepatocyte donors or reconstituted as a custom with your donor of choice. Fully reconstituted animals are progressed through the various stages of NASH using our custom high fat diet for FRG KO models. Interventions are determined by the client, depending on whether their approach is prophylactic or therapeutic.

Metabolic Study Monitoring

Assessment of progression of disease states through the monitoring of body weight, food consumption, cholesterol, glucose, insulin and insulin levels.

Histological Assessment

Prophylactic or Therapeutic assessment of compounds in murinized and humanized FRG KO mice

Custom Hepatocyte Transplantation

Yecuris offers custom hepatocyte transplantation with any donor that you require, from any species.  In addition, Yecuris has a selection of NASH genotypic donors including PNPLA3 mutants for specific human relevance.  Click here to learn more.

Cell Isolation & Purification

Looking to use cells isolated from FRG® KO mice for your next In Vitro study?  Yecuris models act as bioreactors for hepatocytes with geometric expansion up to 100-fold.  We have developed processes for optimal isolation of the propagated hepatocytes with subsequent negative bead-based purification to remove residual mouse cells.  Our process yields cell products that are over 98% pure with the ability to be shipped in suspension, plated as fresh, or cryopreserved for future work.

Tissue Harvesting & Preparation
For studies that require terminal endpoints, Yecuris can harvest and prepare tissues as formalin fixed, OCT embedded, or flash frozen in liquid nitrogen.
Pathologist Review & Reporting
Full pathology reporting including scoring by NAS and Fibrosis Stage
Lipoprotein Profiling
Profiling of liver and blood serum for total cholesterol and triglycerides. Options for assessment of APO-B and APO-E also available.
Disease-Relevant Animal Model Studies
Prophylactic or Therapeutic assessment of compounds in murinized and humanized FRG KO mice