Next-Generation tools for hepatic research and discovery.

Unprecedented Physiological Relevance

The Yecuris FRG® KO platform saves researchers precious time in their discovery cycle.
FRG® KO Platform

Key Applications for FRG®KO

Find out how you can significantly cut your discovery time with our patented FRG® KO mouse platform.

Gene & Cell Therapy

Optimization and
efficacy scoring of gene
editing technologies

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Infectious Disease

Infection of models by human specific hepatotropic agents for mechanistic and efficacy testing

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Compound assessment of human NASH and NAFLD in humanized FRG® KO models on high fat diet

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Yecuris FRG® KO animal technologies provide NASH researchers with an essential tool, capable of saving precious time during the discovery cycle. We continue to break new ground partnering with customers seeking NASH-specific models for their studies.

In addition to their utility as models for hepatotropic infectious disease, liver humanized mice have unique qualities that make them suitable for use in screening the metabolic activities of new drugs, for testing genome editing therapy delivery systems, and for studies of human liver diseases.
Study Director at Seventh Wave Laboratories