FRG® KO Pricing: In Vitro Products

Human Hepatocytes without Compromise

Your new option for fresh human hepatocytes – FRG® KO technology allows for donor-specific hepatocytes to be cultured in vivo to yield the freshest cells on the market today – consistently available on a weekly schedule.

The Yecuris HepaCur™ Advantage

More control, freedom, and sustainability. Here are some of the key advantages of human hepatocytes cultured in FRG® KO animals versus traditionally-supplied cells:

  • Consistent Cell Quality—Our controlled process yields fresh cells with consistency and quality unmatched from human cadaver-derived products.
  • Consistent Cell Availability—Unlike typical fresh cells from cadavers that are only available to you once, HepaCur Fresh human hepatocytes are available throughout your discovery process.
  • Scheduled Fresh—Since cells are isolated on demand for you, fresh cells from our qualified donors can be isolated on a weekly schedule. No more waiting lists or 3 a.m. calls.
  • Long Lasting—Cells demonstrate superior morphology for periods greater than twelve days without feeder cells or gel overlay.
  • Normal Activity—Activity levels of metabolizing enzymes are normal as compared to traditionally acquired materials.

HepaCur™ Fresh Human Hepatocytes

Description Price

Catalog Number

HepaCur™ Fresh Hepatocytes, Suspension, per 1M+ (minimum order 10M) $85


HepaCur™ Fresh Hepatocytes, 6-Well Plate $850


HepaCur™ Fresh Hepatocytes, 12-Well Plate $850


HepaCur™ Fresh Hepatocytes, 24-Well Plate $850


HepaCur™ Fresh Hepatocytes, 48-Well Plate $850


HepaCur™ Fresh Hepatocytes, 96-Well Plate $850


HepaCur™ Cryo
HepaCur™ Fresh Hepatocytes, Cryopreserved, Plateable, 5M+ $750



Mouse Hepatocytes

Description Price

Catalog Number

HepaCur™ C57Bl/6 Mouse Hepatocytes, Cryopreserved, 5M+ $600


HepaCur™ NOD Mouse Hepatocytes, Cryopreserved, 5M+ $600


HepaCur™ Mouse Hepatocytes, Cryopreserved, FRG® KO onC57Bl/6, 5M+ $600


HepaCur™ Mouse Hepatocytes, Cryopreserved, FRG® KO on NOD, 5M+ $600