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Since 2007, scientists have partnered with Yecuris to accelerate scientific discovery and empower disease-fighting research.

A True Human Liver Platform

Available In Vivo

Available In Vitro

Fresh Cells Delivered Weekly

Humanized Data Means More Predictive Results

Accelerate your R&D with more predictive efficacy and safety data from primary cell humanized mice and a consistent supply of fresh human hepatocytes.

Our tools help scientists, and science

We are changing the world of liver-related research by helping scientists:

  • Validate gene targeting and therapy
  • Understand how liver diseases begin and develop
  • Assess how medicines work
  • Answer other liver biology questions

Fresh human hepatocytes available for delivery every week in plated or suspension formats.

Key Applications for FRG® KO Mice

Gene & Cell Therapy

Test Your Theory or Therapy on Humanized Mice

Infectious Disease

Humanized Mice Get You Human-Like Results


Humanized Mice on High-Fat Diets for NASH and NAFLD Research

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