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Run your next HBV study with Yecuris.

Available directly from Yecuris: liver-humanized mouse HBV services. Direct from the source, get results faster and easier than ever.

  • Location – Studies are conducted at our US-based ABSL-2 vivarium in Portland, Oregon

  • Skip the complicated logistics – without the need to ship mice, study initiation is streamlined 

  • Better by design – leverage our expertise to get the actionable results you need

  • Superior client engagement – experience our collaborative approach by working directly with our scientists

Connect with our team to learn how easy it is to run an HBV study in liver-humanized mice at Yecuris.


Our analytical capabilities: To support HBV studies, Yecuris offers the following assays:


  • HBsAg Quantitation 
  • HBeAg Quantitation
  • hALT ELISA human-specific ALT ELISA, does not cross-react with mouse ALT
  • Human Serum Albumin (hSA) ELISA Human albumin is a biomarker of hepatocyte repopulation.


Established analytical contacts: let us coordinate directly with our established service providers – the easiest way for you to get the best results available


  • cccDNA 
  • HBcAg ELISA 
  • Histology

Our liver-humanized mice have been used extensively in peer-reviewed publications for viral hepatitis applications. Be sure to check out our publications page for more information!

Yecuris Custom Services

Infectious Disease Studies
No facilities?  No problem.  Through our partner CRO’s, you can use the FRG® KO mouse model technology to complete infectious disease studies to your specifications.
Ex Vivo Editing → In Vivo Model Generation
Identifying donors with highly specific mutations can be highly challenging, particularly in the case of rare mutations.  An alternative approach to cell sourcing is to complete Ex Vivo editing of primary hepatocytes followed by subsequent transplantation of the edited cells into FRG® KO mice to create an In Vivo model of the disease.  This model can then be utilized in combination with a therapeutic gene editing technology to reverse the engineered mutation in primary cells.
Custom Hepatocyte Transplantation
Yecuris offers custom hepatocyte transplantation with any donor that you require, from any species.  Click here to learn more.