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Key Applications for FRG® KO Mice

Gene & Cell Therapy

Optimization and efficacy scoring of gene editing technologies

Infectious Disease

Infection of models by human specific hepatotropic agents for mechanistic and efficacy testing


Compound assessment of human NASH and NAFLD in humanized FRG® KO models on high fat diet

A True Human Liver Model

FRG: the complete platform from in vitro development & optimization to in vivo validation.

The key advantages of human hepatocytes cultured in FRG® KO animals versus traditionally-supplied cells:

Consistent Cell Quality—Our controlled process yields fresh cells with consistency and quality unmatched from human cadaver derived products.
Consistent Cell Availability—Unlike typical fresh cells from cadavers that are only available to you once, HepaCur™ Fresh human hepatocytes are available throughout your discovery process.
Plannable Fresh—Since cells are isolated on demand for you, fresh cells from our qualified donors can be isolated on a weekly schedule. No more waiting lists or 3 a.m. calls.
Long Lasting—Cells demonstrate superior morphology for periods greater than twelve days without feeder cells or gel overlay.
Normal Activity—Activity levels of metabolizing enzymes are normal as compared to traditionally acquired materials.
Yecuris FRG Platform

Humanized Animal Models