For Next-Generation Discovery

Creating Results with an Unparalleled Platform

Whether you are building innovative gene therapies, targeting NASH, creating the next cure for a liver disease, or testing your small molecule for metabolism or toxicology, you need real data from from real human hepatocytes as early as possible.

That’s why for more than a decade, researchers have trusted the FRG platform for their liver studies. Yecuris FRG are chimeric animal models with more than 70% of the liver replaced with human hepatocytes providing researchers with actionable insights into liver-specific questions at the cellular, tissue, and animal level.

Smarter Science

Since 2007, global organizations have been leveraging Yecuris tools, technology and services for drug metabolism, infectious disease, gene therapy, toxicology and more.

Accelerated Discovery

Our patented animal technologies have enabled breakthrough science in the areas of infectious disease, toxicology, metabolism and more.

Better Therapeutics

We strive every day to eradicate human suffering by giving scientists tools to accelerate therapeutic discovery. 

Champions for Your Cause

Our Mission is to empower disease-fighting researchers with tools and guidance that accelerate their scientific discovery. Whether clients are using our in vivo, in vitro, or reagent products or they need extra guidance for their experiments, Yecuris is passionate about enhancing their drug discovery and development.

The Future is Now

Just like our clients, our Vision is to help create a world free of debilitating diseases by giving scientists tools to expedite therapies that reduce human suffering. We are committed to creating unique tools and applications for researchers in the areas of drug discovery and development, infectious disease, cancer biology, and gene and cell therapy.