We are Driven by Your Success 

Generating Results with FRG® Technology

At Yecuris, we provide liver-humanized mice to clients around the world and deploy our internal expertise to execute client projects at our facility.  Our singular goal is your success. Whether that is measured as the next publication or advancement of your program toward the clinic, we exist to generate actionable results with human relevance.

FRG® Mice are a platform that have been used by researchers across many application areas, including gene and cell therapy, NASH/NAFLD, viral hepatitis, malaria, regenerative medicine, DMPK, metabolic disorders, and cardiovascular disease – to name a few. Our patented FRG® technology has been referenced over 200 peer-reviewed articles, a number that grows each year.  Our clients and collaborators include world-renowned academic researchers, Big Pharma and Biotech, and a who’s who list of the hottest VC funded companies. We’re proud to bring value to each and every one of them. We love science and we love our clients.


Cutting-Edge Science

Since 2007, global organizations have been leveraging Yecuris tools, technology and services for drug metabolism, infectious disease, gene therapy, toxicology and more.

Accelerated Discovery

Our patented animal technologies have enabled breakthrough science in the areas of infectious disease, toxicology, metabolism and more.

Better Therapeutics

We strive every day to eradicate human suffering by giving scientists tools to accelerate therapeutic discovery.

Our Story

Yecuris was founded by Dr. Markus Grompe with technology invented in his lab at Oregon Health and Sciences University. Initially incubated on campus, we moved to our own facility, building out vivarium space in 2013. In 2016, we expanded, doubling the size of our facility and then expanding our vivarium. Our first markets were viral hepatitis, DMPK/Tox, and malaria. But to address the fun, exciting, and new challenges that our customers were bringing to us, we began to view FRG® as the platform it had become today by incorporating an application area focus to our internal development and validation efforts.  In 2018, we began offering our in-life expertise to customers directly as we formalized our services business. Today we are a research-focused organization constantly looking to build out new application areas for FRG® as well as other models in order to help our clients’ answer their most pressing questions.


Our Services

We have a dedicated team of highly skilled professionals who are available to perform in-life studies at our facility. We are able to perform almost any in vivo manipulation and will work with you, your favorite CRO, or through our network of providers for downstream analytical work. We are not just here to sell studies though, we’re here to provide solutions. Our scientific staff takes a consultative approach to client engagement so we can ensure your study is optimally designed to make the most of our liver-humanized FRG® Mice and your budget. 

FRG® mice are the most customizable liver-humanized mice in the business and we’re happy to custom produce mice with hepatocytes from your favorite donor. Do you have a specific genotype of interest? We can repopulate mice with hepatocytes from a donor with a defined genotype. Thinking of your preclinical cascade and want to screen against other species? We can make mice engrafted with hepatocytes from many other species. Whatever your project needs.