Proceed with certainty.

Let our team of FRG experts design & execute your study.

For more than a decade, our in-house research team has worked with customers to design application-specific studies that answer unique and highly specific scientific questions. The Yecuris team is here to help.

Running your study with us gives you access to:

  • Deep expertise working with humanized animal models
  • Specialized facility to house & maintain immunodeficient animals
  • Skilled staff with the experience to manage your study from design to results

We offer a flexible engagement model designed to fit your needs. How can we help you?

Test drive FRG

Every question has unique requirements. Verify that FRG KO animals can deliver the answers you seek. Let the Yecuris team run a pilot.

Execute a one-time study

Some scientists have a simple question and need a fast answer. Have us design & execute a one-time study for you.

Extend your resources

Organizations of any size can find themselves strapped for resources; people or facilities. Use our scientific team & lab to extend the capabilities of yours.