In Vitro

Human Hepatocytes

Over the past decade the use of hepatocytes in discovery research applications has soared and the supply has slowly dwindled as liver transplantation techniques have improved. Efforts to culture these cells have failed to produce viable product, and the quality of the product available to researchers makes planning and executing studies challenging. FRG® KO technology allows for hepatocytes to be cultured in vivo to yield the freshest, healthiest cells on the market today. View select cell data here. For product orders, please contact us at

The Yecuris™ HepaCur™ Advantage

Hepatocytes cultured in FRG® KO animals present several key advantages over traditionally supplied cells, giving you consistent, high quality cells for your research applications.

  1. Consistent Cell Quality—Cell isolation directly from animals assures minimal ischemia and processing
  2. Consistent Cell Availability—Cells can be serially cultured from a single donor to yield cell lots of over 100,000 vials of cryopreserved cells
  3. Plannable Fresh—Since cells can be isolated on demand, fresh cells from any donor can be isolated on your schedule. No more 3AM calls or waiting lists.
  4. Long Lasting—Cells demonstrate superior morphology for periods of up to twelve days without feeder cells or gel overlay
  5. Normal Activity—Activity levels of metabolizing enzymes are normal to superior as compared to traditionally acquired materials
  6. Drug Free—No pre-induction of cells from chemotherapy, pain medications, or end-of-life care
Description Price Catalog Number
HepaCur™ Human Hepatocytes, Cryopreserved, Plateable, 5M+ $750 20-0001
HepaCur™ Human Hepatocytes, Fresh, Plateable, 1M * $85 20-0003
HepaCur™ Human Hepatocytes, 6-Well Plate $800 20-0008
HepaCur™ Human Hepatocytes, 12-Well Plate $800 20-0009
HepaCur™ Human Hepatocytes, 24-Well Plate $800 20-0010
HepaCur™ Human Hepatocytes, 48-Well Plate $800 20-0011
HepaCur™ Human Hepatocytes, 96-Well Plate $800 20-0012

* Fresh cell orders require a minimum purchase of 10M cells.

Mouse Hepatocytes

Looking for mouse hepatocytes as controls for your studies?

Description Price Catalog Number
HepaCur™ C57Bl/6 Mouse Hepatocytes, Cryopreserved, 5M+ $100 20-0019
HepaCur™ NOD Mouse Hepatocytes, Cryopreserved, 5M+ $100 20-0020
HepaCur Mouse Hepatocytes, Cryopreserved, FRG™ KO on C57Bl/6, 5M+ $200 20-0023
HepaCur™ Mouse Hepatocytes, Cryopreserved, FRG™ KO on NOD, 5M+ $200 20-0025