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An Essential Tool for NASH

Yecuris FRG® KO animal technologies provide NASH researchers with an essential tool, that naturally recapitulates human NASH disease formation and progression. Highly customizable with exceptional physiological relevance, FRG® KO animals put the power of a humanized model directly in the hands of scientists. Since 2007, our patented animal technologies have enabled breakthrough science in liver-targeted research and development. We continue to break new ground partnering with customers seeking NASH-specific models for their studies.

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Human Hepatocyte Animal Models for NASH

Humanized FRG® KO animal models offer a more effective tool for studying NASH disease progression. Traditional mouse models using chemical methods are limited and lack relevant human lipid profiles. In contrast, using a high fat diet alone to induce disease formation and progression is more representative of a natural, human disease response. The FRG® Platform offers scientists a powerful new humanized animal model for research and discovery. Today we see a number of cellular and molecular processes that are reflective of human NASH in our animal models. We continue to partner with clients to explore the next generation of NASH drug discovery, biomarker identification and more.   Yecuris FRG® animal technologies are highly customizable for studying your specific target and/or mechanism of action.

“Liver humanized FRG mice displayed a “human-like” lipid profile and a response to statin similar to human liver.”

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The Real-World, High-Fat Diet Difference

How the Yecuris Platform Compares to diet or chemically-induced systems