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Streamline your hit to lead process with the FRG KO Platform

Advance your drug development program with a human-relevant platform of tools that accelerates the drug discovery process from in vitro hit identification to in vivo proof of concept animal studies. With options for single donor consistency or the diversity of different donors, the FRG cell and animal products enable you to control the variables and bring clarity to your science.

Translate directly in vitro to in vivo using the same cells…

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Real-world impact of FRG driving discovery of new cures for neglected diseases

Over the last several years, our FRG KO animals have given tropical disease researchers the ability to test drugs, vaccines, and other interventions that target critical stages of the malaria life cycle delivering unprecedented human-relevant insights.

To learn more about how we’ve helped researchers find a cure for malaria – see our malaria publication in JCI in 2012, in collaboration with Seattle Biomed, Yecuris has been in the spotlight to help find cures to the world’s most devastating infectious diseases.