Xenograft Animal Models

Novel Animal Models for Discovery Research

If you're looking for the most technologically advanced animal models for primary cell xenografts, look no further.

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Primary Cells

Human Hepatocytes for Research

Primary human hepatocytes for your research. Better quality, Same Donors, Incredible Pricing.

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Reagents for Reseach

We have everything you need for your FRG® related research—nitisinone, engraftment enhancer, SMX/TMP, and more!

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Welcome to Yecuris™
Science for Good

Yecuris™ is a technology development company obsessed with bringing novel tools to aid researchers in their search for cures. Our proprietary FRG® animal technologies have enabled breakthrough science in the areas of infectious disease, toxicology and metabolism—and we're just getting started. Explore our science and see how we can partner to accelerate your research.

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